Body Scrub Brush With Soap Dispenser, Shower Bath Exfoliating , Perfect Scrubber for Hair And Body (Yellow)

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  • GENTLE MASSAGE - Soft massage nodules buried among the bristles soothe muscles while you brush . The Silicone Brush makes it easy to hang on to.
  • SMOOTH GLOWING SKIN - Soft, but sturdy bristles stimulate your circulation to help renew your cells and produce more collagen to give you that clean and freshly-scrubbed glow.
  • GOODBYE TO DRY AND DIRTY SKIN - Gets rid of toxins and impurities from your body and without it working really well, skin looks tired, lackluster and won’t feel or appear healthy. Our silicone brush can clean, and skin turn to smooth and soft gorgeous skin
  • REVEALS A YOUTHFUL SKIN - When you use our silicone brush, you slough away dead skin cells and rough areas. Help to plump up your skin so it looks young and radiant.
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byBBstore Silicone Massage Exfoliating Bath & Shower Brush With Soap Dispenser, Silicone Bath Scrubber With Ultra Soft Texture, Easy to Clean, Lathers Well, Long Lasting.

Main Advantages: Soft Touch & Vibrant Colors Food-Grade Silicone Easy To Use and Clean High & Low Temperature Resistance.

Bathing Brush with Built-in Bath Liquid Dispenser.

Bathing Tools for Baby Children and The Aged.

Bath Sponge Made of No Smell Food Grade Silicone Material.
It's Easy to Rinse Off ,Reducing the Breeding of Mold, Without Mildew.

If You Have Sensitive Skin. You will Love this Ultra Gentle on the Skin Scrubber.

SOFT AND SAFE - Super Soft Silicone Material Body Brush that can Help "Gently" Exfoliate and Massage Your Skin.It's a Very Comfortable Bathing Tools for Baby Children and The Aged.
SHAMPOO/SOAP DISPENSER - 2020 NEW Designed Built-in a 2.7 oz (80 ml) Reservoir.It's Very Convenient to Bathing in the Bath Liquid for Many days.
EASY TO USE - Compact designed for Easily Grip the Scrubber.
MORE HYGIENIC - The Easy to Clean Silicone Material More Hygienic Than Old Bath Sponge, Mitts or Loofah Scrubber.
DURABLE - This Scrubber will Be There for Your Shower Needs Even After Many Laundry Cycles.It also Improves Vascular Blood Circulation, Helps Evenly Distribute Fat Deposits, and Helps Your Skin Release Metabolic Waste and Toxins.



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