Founded in 2017, BBstore first opened its doors in Dubai, UAE through an online e-commerce site, and now by selling all types of cosmetics, beauty, and hair products of various hard-to-find emerging international brands. BBstore was solely established by our enthusiastic founder, Helaine Mello that later on developed a family of dedicated professionals from different parts of the world who are all strongly bonded by the values of BBstore.

Strategically located in the center of Dubai, UAE, in International City, we are accessible to areas all over Dubai in just thirty minutes and forty to one hour travel time in other areas of the region. This distinct advantage allows us to make our presence and products available to the lifeblood of the business — our customers.

Our Company Principles:

  1. Customer Obsession
  2. Passion for  Innovation
  3. Commitment to Operational Excellence
  4. Long-term growth mindset


BBstore is driven by a desire to bring and deliver 100% authentic products at a fair selling price that will suit and provide a solution to every individual's beauty needs and concerns to create brilliant customer experiences.

Ultimately, BBstore strives to be recognized as one-stop-shop skincare, haircare, and beauty products provider of world-renowned brands from across the world to the Middle East region with a presence in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.


BBstore was built by its founder’s vision of providing a solution to the common frustration of beauty junkies in the industry which is acquiring products at an expensive price. At BBstore, our values are driven by having Fair Pricing Policy where people find our products as the most reasonable price in the market. This caused us to gain a strong number of 60,000+ loyal customers buying from us over the years and serves as our foundation for becoming the online successful partner of choice for many leading brands of today.


Founded upon the fundamental belief of Fair Pricing Policy, BBstore maintained to provide merely 100% authentic products to its customers making us a trusted destination for all beauty needs. We purchase our products directly from its manufacturers and authorized suppliers from around the world including USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, etc. We believe that being in the online beauty & cosmetics industry, an e-commerce store like us should be dependable and trustworthy. That’s why we offer a number of around 3,500+ guaranteed original products to our customers to provide them the very best in skincare, hair care, and everything beauty.


Our mantra for success is single-fold customer satisfaction. Strong and long term customer relationship is the core of our business and that's why we constantly improve the quality of our business from consistent fair pricing policy, product selection to strict packing procedures, fast delivery and two-way open communication, and stead-fast after-sales customer service across all channels. 

This led us to make diverse changes in the business including having our own storefront website and advanced the delivery process by launching BBstore Logistics — our own fleet of delivery that’s servicing different areas in the UAE region to ensure that customers experience the perceived value of their purchase.


BBstore cares about its customers, employees, stakeholders, and the people in need around the world by helping them to have a better life by donating AED 1 from each item sold to trusted charity foundations. In the long term, BBstore aims to establish its own charity foundation that will help create value to underprivileged societies by teaching them entrepreneurial skills as we believe that teaching people to fish will allow them to feed themselves every day.


We started small and we are gradually growing our family of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who work together to actively provide excellent customer service, the best brands, and most innovative and pioneering products in the beauty industry.